Cold Rolled


Cold Rolled Steel is...

Created by rolling Hot Rolled P&O at room temperature, below its recrystallization point, to create thinner gauges and a harder surface. It then undergoes an annealing process to regain some of its ductility. In addition to improvement of mechanical properties, cold rolling results in more control over the dimensions and appearance of the finished product. You are left with a smoother, more predictable and aesthetically appealing surface.

ASTM A1008 | Gauge (thickness): 10ga – 24ga


We level sheets from our coil inventory to any requested length and always maintain a large selection of pre-cut sheets in 96 inch and 120 inch lengths on our floor.

End Uses

Cabinets, Furniture, Construction products, Hardware Enclosures, Tables, Industrial design, Machined parts


36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch. Additional odd width coils available upon request.

Slit Coil

We slit to any requested width down to 1 inch.