Galvannealed Steel is...

Carbon steel coated with zinc via a hot-dip process similar to Galvanizing. Once the steel is removed from the molten zinc it is Immediately subjected to a heat treatment. This causes a reaction which results in a unique zinc-iron alloy coating on the surface of the steel.

The galvannealed surface has a non-spangled matte finish, which is very different than the highly metallic appearance of a standard galvanized coating. At times, the galvannealed coating may appear similar to uncoated cold rolled steel. One of the primary attributes of galvannealed steel is that the surface accepts paint very readily, even without pretreatment.

ASTM A653 A40/A60 | Gauge (thickness) 14ga – 20ga


We level sheets from our coil inventory to any requested length and always maintain a large selection of pre-cut sheets in 96 inch and 120 inch lengths on our floor.

End Uses

Truck bodies, Trailers, Cars, Buses, Garage doors, Vending machines


48 inch, 60 inch. Additional odd width coils available upon request.

Slit Coil

We slit to any requested width down to 1 inch.