Electro Galvanized


Electro Galvanized Steel is...

A zinc coated carbon steel similar to Galvanized and Galvannealed. The process consists of immersing the steel in a cold zinc “bath” that has an electrical current running through it. The result is a uniform layer of zinc bonded to the steel electrolytically to prevent corrosion. Key points include a uniform distribution of extremely thin zinc coating leaving a spangle free finish that welds easily and has good paintability.

ASTM A879 | Gauge (thickness) 14ga – 24ga


We level sheets from our coil inventory to any requested length and always maintain a large selection of pre-cut sheets in 96 inch and 120 inch lengths on our floor.

End Uses

Automotive, Trailers, Truck bodies


48 inch. Additional odd width coils available upon request.

Slit Coil

We slit to any requested width down to 1 inch.